Brooklyn, here we come!

May 17, 2011By KarenBrooklyn, Craft Fairs, Renegade Craft Fair

Wait, we live in Brooklyn. Well, Williamsburg, here we come. Wait, we live in Williamsburg. Uhhhh, ok, Renegade Craft Fair, here we come! Yes! That’s the ticket! Renegade Craft Fair is returning to McCarren Park for the 7th Annual Brooklyn Fair on June 11 +12, 2011, from 11am – 7pm! Life with Tigers is happy … Read More

A new litter has arrived

March 3, 2011By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items, Plush Dolls, Special Orders

Hooray! A litter of 6 new dolls has been added to the Life with Tigers Etsy Shop this week. Like apples? Chickens? Plaid? Chickens? Flowers? Chickens???? Then come on over and check them out, or you can take a peek at them here as Ashes, our art director, sets up a promotional photo: There are … Read More

They’re here

January 27, 2011By KarenEtsy Shop, Severed Leg Catnip Toys, Uncategorized

New fabrics in the studio mean new topiaries, new dolls and most importantly to cats everywhere, new severed legs! Swing on by the shop and see all the new styles. Don’t see something that floats your boat? No worries, because there are even more new designs on the horizon…just as soon as the sewing machine … Read More

They’re coming!

January 24, 2011By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items, Severed Leg Catnip Toys

No, not aliens. Not monsters. Not things that go bump in the night…scratch that…the cat will be going bump in the night chasing around his new severed leg catnip toy! Awesome new fabrics for you, same great cat-pleasing goodness for your furry child. Kitty won’t know the difference between the “Potato Sack” sock or the … Read More