I AM… a leopard lollipop

September 20, 2010By KarenFeline Staff, I AM...., Life with Tigers HQ

It seems that Shadow, Director of Ops here at LwithT HQ believes that 6:00am is the NEW 7:30am. For several days, he’s been determined to get the day started early and take everybody else along for the ride. The situation finally hit critical mass today when he decided to turn my face into a leopard … Read More

We all scream for ice cream!

August 24, 2010By KarenSevered Leg Catnip Toys, Video Evidence

OK, now THIS is what I’m talking about. Big Ed from Chicago gives us all a lesson in leading a happy life…enjoy your severed leg catnip toy to the FULLEST by treating it like an ice cream cone, then toss it around a bit. Big thanks to Catherine for venturing close enough to the tiger … Read More

Have you seen this cat?

July 10, 2010By KarenPlush Dolls, Special Orders

If anybody happens to see Oliver, the tuxedo cat anywhere, let us know…Rob and Annette in NY are looking for him. Until he comes back, they will have to settle for an Oliver doll, custom made for them with the highest hopes for Ollie’s safe return!

Cartwheels are cool

July 5, 2010By KarenInterviews, On the Internets

Hey everyone. While recovering from your Independence Day celebrations (as in, while you are still digesting all that BBQ), why not take a look at an awesome new blog called Cartwheels in my Mind. Why, you ask, should I visit this particular blog on my day off? Well, glad you asked…because I was recently tapped … Read More