Moo the Intern Performance Evaluation

February 28, 2010By KarenCats, Feline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

It’s been a big week at LwithT HQ. Our intrepid intern Moo has been to the vet, received a clean bill of health after being poked, examined, probed, combed, injected, injected again, lifted, weighed, had her teeth looked at and had her nails clipped. We left the vet, rabies tag in hand, to begin “Operation … Read More

Doctor, Doctor!

February 12, 2010By KarenOn the Internets, Public Service Announcements

How awesome is this? Anastasia over at the Dr Frankenbaby Blog has chosen our PSA posters to be her Friday Etsy Find! We think this is just fantastic, because we actually have a few NEW posters in the works for this series, including posters extolling the virtues of canine oral cleanliness and feline litter box … Read More

Super Crazies

February 8, 2010By KarenLife with Tigers HQ

Ever have one of those days…you know…where everything is going your way, and you feel a bit strange because of it. You know in the back of your brain “nothing this good happens to me” and you become a bit suspicious of your sudden good fortune. Well, I had that feeling this past weekend. Because … Read More

Our New Intern

January 12, 2010By KarenCats, Feline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

We’re still digging our way out of our recent move to the new and improved LwithT HQ, but this is a most important development. It seems that word got around that LwithT was coming to the neighborhood, and on move-in day we found this inquisitive little applicant on the patio space. She wants a job. … Read More

Keep those kitties moving!

December 17, 2009By KarenLife with Tigers HQ

News has been slow coming out of Life with Tigers HQ lately. That’s because we are in the middle of a much anticipated move to a new studio space! Hello, gigantic windows. Greetings, more room to create. How do you do, outdoor space. Is that you, natural light? It’s been a while! When we get … Read More

Around the world 30 minutes

November 23, 2009By KarenEtsy Shop

What do Madison Wisconsin, Kansas City Missouri and Sheffield South Yorkshire have in common? Those cities all have cool people in them who placed orders in our shop today… all within 30 minutes of each other. As Shadow, LwithT’s Director of Operations always says, “I love da internets.” Thanks everyone! Oh, and thanks to you … Read More