Island Hopping

April 26, 2014By KarenBrooklyn, Life with Tigers HQ

When Life with Tigers began many years ago, the phrase “Handmade in Brooklyn” was always present on our packaging, from the hangtags on the dolls to the inserts on the cards, all the way to the instructions on the Severed Leg Catnip Toys on how to clean the tiger slobber off the fabric after enthusiastic … Read More

Crafternoon Number Two: Autumn Craft Smackdown!

October 3, 2013By KarenBrooklyn, Graphic Depictions of Crafting, Life with Tigers HQ, Worky McWorkalot

With memories of last year’s mega successful Christmas Craft Smackdown! floating through my head, I rearranged the tables again this past weekend and invited some folks over for Crafternoon Number Two: The Autumn Craft Smackdown. This time around, the theme was “Puppets and Marionettes”. Some of us really enjoy puppet theatre and always wanted to … Read More

Life with monkeys

March 26, 2013By KarenFeline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

A few observations about our intern, Moo. She can be a little shy, and has a very sweet disposition. She loves to play and has never hissed or clawed at anybody. Ever. She likes to talk to you when you talk to her, but is otherwise very quiet. And lately, she appreciates ANYTHING she perceives … Read More

Superstorm Sandy shakes snow on the shorline

November 8, 2012By KarenLife with Tigers HQ

So… we had a hurricane last week. High winds, exploding transformers, downed trees, the whole megillah. We stocked up on food, water, batteries and salty snacks and waited out the storm at LwT HQ. Parts of it were a bit scary. Here is how art director Ashes handled the situation: We were so very lucky. … Read More