It’s no secret that when I am not sewing legs for cats to chew on or dolls for folks to cuddle with, I am probably on the computer, tinkering. Something I inherited from my father, no doubt, who is an avid tinkerer. Lots of times, unbridled tinkering on the computer can create panic, head scratching, chaos or a trip to the Genius Bar. Other times, tinkering coupled with planning, hard work, late nights, too much coffee and dedication can create something great.

And last night, in the wee hours, we launched that something great out onto the interwebs.

Ink & Sword has officially moved from it’s previous address to the all new and has evolved from a gallery site into a full fledged art print store! In case you are unfamiliar, Ink & Sword is a collaborative art studio that features our Pet Care Public Service Announcements along with other fabulous art prints, including the award-winning Stellar Science Series. Full disclosure: It is operated by illustrator Jed Dore and myself. Fuller disclosure: It’s still awesome.

Stop on by and take a look, and keep an eye on the section called Ink Tank, where we will be posting all kinds of mega cool things that make the studio tick. And pardon our dust, as we are still tinkering!