His name was Mishiko. He liked guests. He liked freshly swept floors. He liked to jump into boxes too tall for him. He liked deli slices. He liked sleeping on the sofa bed. He had the heart of a lion, but the roar of a kitten. His purrs sounded like pigeons. He liked to help build stuff. He liked to get his face rubbed at exactly 12:00 midnight every day. He had sabre teeth. He had bear claw paws. He had a secret tickle spot. He was a carpenter. He was a samurai. He was a trooper. He was sometimes a pillow to smaller tigers. He was our inspiration. He was our therapist. He was our dose of common sense. He was our first-born. He was our companion for almost twenty years. He was our most beloved friend. Our hearts are broken, and we will miss him terribly.