It’s been a big week at LwithT HQ. Our intrepid intern Moo has been to the vet, received a clean bill of health after being poked, examined, probed, combed, injected, injected again, lifted, weighed, had her teeth looked at and had her nails clipped. We left the vet, rabies tag in hand, to begin “Operation Integration”. I am happy to report that she has been successfully inducted into the pride, though there were a few flair ups from Art Director Ashes. And as a special reward for her excellent behavior and inspiring mental disposition, Moo received a visitor…her mother. The severe snowstorm that has blanketed NYC this past week brought indoors the normally wild but still affectionate “Stray Cat Mother of the Year” Gretel. After a warm (relatively speaking) day today and sufficient snow melt, she is now back outside in the jungle that is Brooklyn, exactly where she likes it. You can now catch of glimpse of Moo and Gretel durability testing some severed leg cat toys on our new Facebook page.