The story goes:
One day while making dolls, a leg went missing. The trail led to a small grey kitty, walking around with the leg in her mouth, like a mountain lion who just overtook a jogger. The idea of the Severed Leg Catnip Toy™ was born.

But what if your cat is more like the king of the jungle instead of a prowling puma? What if people are not on the menu in your kingdom? Well, the pride has gotta eat too, and that is what zebras are for! This is our newest severed leg toy…a tasty zebra leg for your little lion! And they are now available in the Shop!

Here is intern Moo testing a juicy zebra leg catnip toy:

These things are sturdy, and filled with the same stuffing and catnip as our human leg toys. Wickedly cute carnage has now expanded past the human race….and no creature is safe from tiny tiger attacks!