Life with Tigers is a craft and design studio operated out of New York City by Karen Brazell.

Karen-AshesEverything created here is one-of-a-kind and made by hand from original designs and patterns. The workspace is alive with illustrations, old cameras, sci-fi books, swatches of fabric, computer equipment, disassembled electronics, cat toys, sewing machines, robots, video games and most importantly, the Life with Tigers staff, comprised of Shadow the production manager, his twin sister Ash, the art director and the intrepid intern and production inhibitor, Moo.

At Life with Tigers, we cherish the idea of giving that magical gift to someone special. Aside from the carefully selected fine fabrics, hand-crafted quality and individually unique designs, a major part of our recipe is tender loving care. We value the animals, people and ideas that inspire us daily. We’re slightly maudlin in spirit, quirky in our humor and nostalgic for the moment when your loved one receives a sentimental gift. We understand that happiness is waking up to a warm cat…even if it’s on your neck.

Some of the items we offer include animal dolls for people, and dolls of people parts for animals. We also create fabric floral sculptures, mobiles, greeting cards and art prints. In 2009, we partnered with Ink & Sword to create even more cool art prints in many size formats, and we frequently can be found sharing booths at shows and markets.

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