My cat couldn’t wait to tear in to this juicy treat, and he’s had quite the time of it today. Naturally, I’ve enjoyed seeing my own little tiger (he’s an orange tabby) have so much fun!
– Jeff


I’ve always felt that my life was missing something. Apparently it was a severed leg! I am now complete.
– meegiemoo

I have to hide this from them or they fight over it.
– windyhoosier

This is my cat’s favourite catnip toy. She loves the texture and can’t get enough of carrying it around and holding it with her front paws while batting it with her back ones. It’s really sturdy and has held up well to her nails and teeth digging into it. Plus it’s super funny and adorable!
– Meg


My cat loves this thing. i love how it’s pretty and gruesome at the same time.
– lputulowski

Cats adore it and parents laugh.
– Bronwyn Black


Just adorable, very funny, and my cat went bonkers when I gave it to her – its obviously her favorite toy now!
– Auntie Jill

My 3 furry girls LOVE the severed leg toys! It’s hilarious to see these toys flying up in the air when the girls play with them. They have a TON of toys, but these are the ones they always get out of their toy cart first! We have several of these, and it looks like carnage on the living room floor. 🙂
– Mindy

This cat toy is just too clever and adorable. 🙂 And my cats all LOVE it!! They enjoy “killing” it, cuddling with it, using it for a pillow, and toting it all around the house. Thank you so much!
– Whitney