Oh wow these are fantastic!! So funny and really very potent because it wasn’t long until my cat carried them away to her lair.
– Nancy


Love all of my Life with Tigers cat toys. They last and last, and people love seeing the cat carrying them around!
– Inertia

My cats personal favorite catnip toy! We have found it in 10 different rooms!! There’s that severed leg again…..
– Donna

Forget any gifts my family got over Christmas, the twisted joy of watching our cats play with these was the best present!
– marikesh

I sent this to a friend who has a cat who is a huge part of her and her husband’s life. They are both in graphic design and loved the packaging. Vincent, (the cat) was going balistic, waiting for her to open the package. He pounced on the toy right away and rubbed it all over his face. We give it two thumbs, and two paws waaaay up!
– Jody

This is my cat’s favorite toy to attack, besides my face.

Beautifuly made. My cat has three legs, which makes this toy extra hillarious & cute (I’m so sick).
– Monski

We had one of these and it was so well loved that it, somehow, disappeared. I assume when I move someday I will find the first. In the meantime we have a new once that is getting a great deal of playing time. These are so cool and make my cats look like tigers. This is a well-loved item in my house.
– Tanzi

Well, I was going to save the severed leg for a Christmas gift, but Petey knew the package was for him. I’m a sucker for a kitty on catnip, so I let him have it early. He loves it!
– Leah

My cat freaking loves this thing! When he’s not playing with it, he hides it under my bed. Like Gollum.
– emilooloo


I opened the envelope and the cats pounced in a way that should probably worry me.
– peculiartreats