I took a short break from sewing mushrooms and legs this weekend to slip in a visit to the Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Part Burning Man, part science fair, part DIY mega paradise, this is THE event to go to when you need your fill of robotic technology, body paint and terribly long food lines. And while I didn’t get to see Arc Attack because of the length of the lines, I did feel fulfilled at the end of the day having enjoyed watching lock-picking classes, robots doing roboty things, robots doing people things, fire-breathing contraptions, a car covered in singing lobsters and fish, 3D printers and feeling a tangible creative energy I haven’t felt in a long time! I just wish the Mentos and Coke Zero fountain show still used Diet Coke…I don’t like that stuff, and seeing all that delicious Coke Zero shooting skyward made me very thirsty! Here are some highlights:

A solar powered carousel. I didn’t find out why they are all white:

Fire breathing monsters are always on hand:

Plenty of places to learn something new, like how to knit or build robotic bugs:

Here is a two-person mini car, and a thai chi dancing robot…a real charmer in his bandana!

And a special treat, while testing the camera before leaving for the fair, a photo of our intrepid intern, Moo.