So… we had a hurricane last week. High winds, exploding transformers, downed trees, the whole megillah. We stocked up on food, water, batteries and salty snacks and waited out the storm at LwT HQ. Parts of it were a bit scary. Here is how art director Ashes handled the situation:

We were so very lucky. We “suffered” a cable/internet outage, and lost the battle to keep the pilot light on, but were otherwise unaffected. But so many were not. And while I have no idea when my only subway line in the neighborhood will come back to life and hiking to another train in the cold (and today, snow!) is a total drag, it is nothing compared to what some of my friends and neighbors are dealing with. My thoughts are with them still. I did want to share this photo though:

Photo by Ana Andjelic

That is Jane’s Carousel, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is a favorite place of mine. Here is a photo that I took there during a happier time:

I am looking forward to hearing the organ on PTC #61 play again. That may seem trivial considering so many others are still waiting for their heat and lights to come back on, but we all have to start someplace. I choose to start with the prancing ponies.