The final countdown

Posted by on Dec 9, 2010

It’s almost time. This Sunday is the Bust Magazine Craftacular in New York City. It’s been a busy, busy flurry of activity around the studio. Legs to make. Topiaries to sew. Dolls to create. And just to make sure we don’t run out of severed leg catnip toys this year, like we have during all previous fairs, we may have gone a bit overboard…

That, is a pile of 230 legs. That is also moments before intern Moo took a flying leap into the pile. Now, a stack like this doesn’t come without consequences. Behold, the mighty LwithT sewing machine after the completion of the legs (warning: graphic content):

All that fuzz does strange things to the average sewing machine, and a trusty can of compressed air solves that problem, but creates a slightly more amusing one…cats apparently don’t like the sounds that come from compressed air cans. They tilt their head. They make “rawr rawr” sounds. They slink around low to the ground like they were being chased by attacking seagulls. Something to keep in mind when dinner time rolls around and I find a paw in my potatoes.