I have posted about “stuff buying season” before, the time of craziness usually around the holidays or at the height of summer when lots of craft fairs, art fairs, appearances in galleries, online sales and so forth all happen at once. But it can only happen if there is a “stuff making season” beforehand. Luckily, the dreary days of east coast winters provide an excellent opportunity to barricade the doors (with draft stoppers) and get creative with ample supplies of dark roast coffee, yards of fabric and plenty of light bulbs. So when a winter market pops up in the middle of a frigid February, I can be ready with goodies in hand. Behold, that time has come!

Life with Tigers and Ink & Sword will be at the Greenpoint Valentine’s Market this weekend. 45 vendors, gifts, food, raffle, photo booth, the works! Check out the kinds of goodies that will be available.

Here are the details!
Saturday, February 9, 2013
69 West Street (From the Source)
Noon to 6pm