Despite a rather amusing fire alarm evacuation on day 2, the price of shipping stock across the country, uncomfortable airline seats and one the of the strangest rental cars ever, the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco was, for us, a great success and a pleasure. Here’s the blow by blow of how it went down:

We arrived in the Bay Area after a delayed flight, late at night and eager to jump into the rental and head straight to the nearest Carl’s Jr. drive-thru for a Western Bacon Cheeseburger. After a few deflected attempts to “upgrade” our car rental reservation, we staggered to slot Q45 and found a red, strangely shaped vehicle awaiting us. A Chevy HHR to be precise…a car so strange, it doesn’t even have a name…only initials. 10 minutes of figuring out what HHR could be an acronym for faded into the night as the drive-thru came into view.

Here is the vehicle in question, as presented by nephew and assistant for the weekend Sage:

The fair was at Fort Mason Center, which is a wonderful venue for a fair like this…not too hot, not too cold, outstanding views, the smell of sea air, parking. We had an excellent booth assignment. Close to the door, the restrooms, the snack bar, the composting bins and a high-voltage power box.

Life with Tigers partnered up with Jed at Ink and Sword again. Our joint booth at the Brooklyn Renegade was so nice, we had to do it twice! Here is the combination Life with Tigers/Ink and Sword booth:

Day 1 was great. Sold out of severed leg catnip toys despite the loss of the credit card processing abilities of my iPhone (why, oh why, wouldn’t my phone work on a pier out on the water, standing in a metal building, serviced by AT&T?!?! heh). The only other hiccup was when I was notified by Cat Sitter Extraordinaire Michelle that back in Brooklyn, intern Moo had gone missing. Hiding to be sure, but her secret place had not been discovered and an open window just added to the “I lost my friend’s cat” angst. As we suspected, she made a brief appearance at feeding time the next day. Michelle could breathe again.

Day 2 had the early morning fire alarm and evacuation, but it was short lived. We congregated just outside the doors, suspecting nearby barbequers for the interuption. One of my softbots got a new home:

I waited patiently until about 3:00. Then, while the booth was being supervised by assistants Felina, Isaac and Sage, I made a break for it…I couldn’t wait to shop! I had been seeing all this outstanding stuff walk past my booth for a day and a half and I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up this print from Seattle Show Posters, a beautiful Letterpress print from Dutch Door Press, and a dinosaur I Love SF totebag from Seibei. We took a moment to reflect on the fair and take a photo, which sums up our feelings by 6:00pm on day 2:

The vendors at this year’s fair were top notch and we were very pleased to be included. We met so many wonderful people and want to thank everybody who came out to support the vendors, many of whom I discovered, were not local and had travel stories of their own. We hope we are invited back next year!

Plus, Jed had MANY family members come out and help/support/assist/and generally make us happy, so a big THANK YOU to them as well. You know who you are!