Happy Day! A new art print has made it’s way to the LwT Etsy shop, and it is a PSA that we need to heed here in the studio! Sadly, I must confess, I OWN A FAT CAT. And he’s not the first fat cat I’ve had either. GUILTY! I am an enabler. I can’t resist the “please feed me” face. But when I learned the fact that there are more overweight cats than normal size cats in the U.S., I knew I had to get the word out. Join me in helping to slim down our portly pussy population, starting with that lump of love on your couch right now! (This means you, Shadow…it’s time to trim!)

This new art print is the first of five in the works. Some of the others will include messages about dog fighting, canine oral health and service animals. They will also be available in the Ink and Sword shop shortly.