We did it! We survived the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair. We had windy conditions (and a tornado warning). We had torrential rains. We had sweltering heat. We had coconut ice…lots of it. Check out our booth!

Here’s the Life with Tigers display on day 1:

Here is the Ink and Sword display on day 2:

Those winds caused a lot of ruckus…we had flying mushroom topiaries, dolls that would not stay on the table, artwork and postcards flittering over the lawn like war propaganda dropped from airplanes and a spilled Lime Jarrito all over my legs. At least it smelled good.

A special thank you to Jed at Ink and Sword for reaching all the tall things, fastening down all the floppy things and holding back the tent backing that promised to envelop us both. You rocked! And to all of our friends, thank you so much for showing up in the heat and showing your support either through a much appreciated purchase, assistance in retrieving blown merchandise, using your umbrella to cover the art boxes or engaging in friendly conversations. You all deserve beer and BBQ.

And look! We were even mentioned on this blog in their post Renegade wrap up…mega cool.