Sniff, Sniff….Helllllllloooooo

October 29, 2009By KarenEtsy Shop, Life with Fibers, New Items

New item alert! New item alert! Woot. Woot. Woot. Drop somebody an overdue “Hello” on some cool miniature note cards. These come in a set of 5 blank cards with matching envelopes. People would love to hear from you in a format that’s more personal and doesn’t include the words “tweet” or “thread”. Dogs say … Read More

Ooooooh, that’s awesome!

October 6, 2009By KarenOn the Internets, Public Service Announcements

Everybody here at LwithT HQ was delighted to find that we’ve been on a few people’s radar lately. First, we were pleased as punch to see some familiar cards featured on Design*Sponge. Now, we read this blog daily, so we’re not sure how we missed it…must have been busy in print-making land. Then, it got … Read More

Fresh off the assembly line!

September 8, 2009By KarenNew Items, Plush Dolls

Meet Cosmo, Tweak and Blip. They are the first of the new “Softbot Series” of dolls developed here at LwithT HQ. They can be programmed to guard your remote control, monitor the ice cream levels of the refrigerator or simply keep you company. Best of all, they do so in “quiet” mode…which is great…because nobody … Read More

Elephants on Parade

August 26, 2009By KarenLife with Fibers, New Items

Here they come…Hippety hoppety…but they’re not pink! A new blank greeting card design hit the shop today with more on the way. Joining them are, for the first time, topiary mobiles with bugs suspended from them. Head on over there to take a peek!

Behind the Scenes at LwithT HQ

August 12, 2009By KarenLife with Tigers HQ

There is a new topiary design coming to the shop soon, and Ashes here is art directing the photo shoot. The first prototype did not pass inspection, and was promptly eaten by our Director of Operations, Shadow. Although these are not catnip toys, and are not intended for cats, marketing indicates that these tree topiaries … Read More

1% inspiration

July 29, 2009By KarenInspiration

There’s a bunch of new things being created over here at LwithT HQ, and while not all of them involve sewing, that’s still my main focus. Whenever I get too distracted by fancy new reciprocating saws or two-part epoxies, I take a gander at these fellows: These rabbits are handmade from Kimono fabrics, and quite … Read More

Whew! Updates make us sleepy

May 30, 2009By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items, Total Slacker

Yes, yes, we are aware it’s been a while, but it’s not like we were ditching school or anything. We were hard at work updating the Etsy shop with all matter of stuff. We got dogs. We got chimps. We got cards. AND we have the triumphant return of the severed leg catnip toys!!!! Updates … Read More

Roll out the Rollei

April 11, 2009By KarenInspiration, Life with Tigers HQ

A recent trip to California resulted in a wonderful surprise! It seems that my father remembered some obscure reference I made a year ago that I was looking for a certain old camera. On a recent trip to his local flea market, he found these…JACKPOT!I’m touched that he remembered my search for an operational Rolleiflex, … Read More