We’ve started monkeying around

October 22, 2008By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items

Promises, promises. But this time, it’s finally true! A new doll design has found it’s way into the shop, inspired by cats that act like monkeys. This is Kirby, and he’s actually a chimp (no tail!) He’s got another monkey friend, but he may not make his way out of the studio because we’ve grown … Read More

Thanks Winsome Hollow!!

October 19, 2008By KarenOn the Internets

We are so happy here at Life with Tigers HQ that Katy over at Winsome Hollow has put one of our topiaries in her Saturday Shopping List!! And such a lovely description, we were blushing all weekend. Check out her Etsy Shop as well…absolutely charming!!!

Wow, Last Post in February?

October 15, 2008By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items, Total Slacker

We’ve been busy here at the Life with Tigers studio, and it’s amazing how fast time flies when you are distracted, diverted, lazy, locked away and generally disfunctional. So what’s been going on here? Well. New products are finally on the way. Over at the Etsy Shop, there are new Fabric Topiaries, Cat Toys, and … Read More

Numero Uno!

February 13, 2008By KarenPlush Dolls, Total Slacker

We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats here, cheering for Uno at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (He won!) There are dogs all over New York this week, and Olivia here is taking in the sights, although it got a bit windy for her taste! She has settled into the Etsy shop … Read More

We Love Cuteable!

January 31, 2008By KarenEtsy Shop, On the Internets

Emmerson was a “cutable find” over on the awesome blog Cutable back in December, and we can’t believe we missed it!!! He is still for sale over in the Etsy shop. There will be some new items joining Emmerson soon, so be on the lookout.

A Sunny Day in Brooklyn

January 3, 2008By KarenBrooklyn, Plush Dolls

Once in a while, the sun pokes through the winter skies here in the Borough of Kings. That’s when kitties with flowers come out for a breath of fresh air, away from radiator heat, leftover holiday food and the “back to work” duldrums. This kitty is modeled after a beloved feline friend.

Stuff to hold your stuff

December 24, 2007By KarenLife with Fibers

Here is a zipper pouch made from wool and cotton with some charming lining. These are fun to make, so you’ll probably see some more in the near future. Not tonight, however, because it’s Christmas Eve and there’s fresh pie waiting! Yes, of course with ice cream. Silly.

Ready, set go!

December 14, 2007By KarenOn the Internets

Here we go… The website at www.lifewithtigers.com is still under construction, but I’d LOVE to thank Melissa and Rachel for purchasing several of the dolls already before it ever went live. I’m very pleased that someone will be receiving handmade goodies for Christmas!