Yes, I am the first to admit that I like puns. I also like animals, and putting the two together resulted in our totally “pawsome” animal pun cards. Officially titled the “Terms of Endeerment Series”, I started out with 16 animal pun note cards. The cards were small and lovely, perfectly sized for small notes and gift giving. Each featured an original block print image of a punny animal. The only drawback…they were too small to go through the mail on their own.

Well friends, rejoice, as I have heard your cries. The new and improved series of animal pun cards are now sized to go through the mail with a first-class stamp, so you can spread the love across the world with ease! They still come with an envelope, and are still individually packaged in a cellophane bag, so you can keep some on hand for just the right moment. But wait…it gets even better!

Brand new in the shop are the Terms of Endeerment Box Sets! Six cards per box, six different pun cards! There are two sets to choose from. These are great gifts too, by the way. I really love the way these have turned out. Puns, animals ink and paper…some of my favorite things!

Must now resist the urge to rename the series “Terns of Endeerment”….double pun….can’t resist….