CatCon1A few weeks ago, I went as part of the Ink & Sword team to be vendors at CatCon on Los Angeles. We sold our beloved Pet Care PSA Art Prints plus a large selection of Severed Things Catnip Toys and Handmade Cat Dolls to oodles of great folks!

The event featured Simon Tofield of Simon’s Cat, Ben Huh of Cheeezburger, Lil Bub, Will Braden, the Creator of Henri, Le Chat Noir and many others.

There was a mountain of Bub:


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog went by our booth, telling people to do stuff that was probably anatomically impossible while asking us to call him “Fugly Cat”:


We missed 2 flights on the way to the West Coast, due to a few terrible traffic jams, then got into 3 more terrible traffic jams while in Los Angeles. Upon my return to New York City the following day, I got stuck in 2 more terrible traffic jams on my way home from the airport. So while CatConLA was a great time filled with fine people, lots of laughs and plenty of cat tattoos, I seem to remember the view of tail lights the most. Go figure!

At least I got this to remember it all by:


But the best news of all was that CatConLA donated $33,350 to FixNation and Lil Bub’s Big Fund! These organizations are doing great things to help special needs pets and working to reduce the population of homeless cats.