Life with monkeys

March 26, 2013By KarenFeline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

A few observations about our intern, Moo. She can be a little shy, and has a very sweet disposition. She loves to play and has never hissed or clawed at anybody. Ever. She likes to talk to you when you talk to her, but is otherwise very quiet. And lately, she appreciates ANYTHING she perceives … Read More

I AM… a leopard lollipop

September 20, 2010By KarenFeline Staff, I AM...., Life with Tigers HQ

It seems that Shadow, Director of Ops here at LwithT HQ believes that 6:00am is the NEW 7:30am. For several days, he’s been determined to get the day started early and take everybody else along for the ride. The situation finally hit critical mass today when he decided to turn my face into a leopard … Read More

Moo the Intern Performance Evaluation

February 28, 2010By KarenCats, Feline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

It’s been a big week at LwithT HQ. Our intrepid intern Moo has been to the vet, received a clean bill of health after being poked, examined, probed, combed, injected, injected again, lifted, weighed, had her teeth looked at and had her nails clipped. We left the vet, rabies tag in hand, to begin “Operation … Read More

Our New Intern

January 12, 2010By KarenCats, Feline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

We’re still digging our way out of our recent move to the new and improved LwithT HQ, but this is a most important development. It seems that word got around that LwithT was coming to the neighborhood, and on move-in day we found this inquisitive little applicant on the patio space. She wants a job. … Read More

Life without Tiger

November 10, 2008By KarenCats, Feline Staff, Life with Tigers HQ

His name was Mishiko. He liked guests. He liked freshly swept floors. He liked to jump into boxes too tall for him. He liked deli slices. He liked sleeping on the sofa bed. He had the heart of a lion, but the roar of a kitten. His purrs sounded like pigeons. He liked to help … Read More