1% inspiration

July 29, 2009By KarenInspiration

There’s a bunch of new things being created over here at LwithT HQ, and while not all of them involve sewing, that’s still my main focus. Whenever I get too distracted by fancy new reciprocating saws or two-part epoxies, I take a gander at these fellows: These rabbits are handmade from Kimono fabrics, and quite … Read More

Roll out the Rollei

April 11, 2009By KarenInspiration, Life with Tigers HQ

A recent trip to California resulted in a wonderful surprise! It seems that my father remembered some obscure reference I made a year ago that I was looking for a certain old camera. On a recent trip to his local flea market, he found these…JACKPOT!I’m touched that he remembered my search for an operational Rolleiflex, … Read More