This WeeBot is a love machine!

July 30, 2013By KarenLife with Fibers, Plush Dolls, Special Orders

Here is a recently finished, special edition WeeBot. He is fresh off the production line, specially made for a “fresh off the production line human baby bot” named Gus. When Gus is old enough to recognize letters, he will discover his own initials programmed onto this guys control panel!

Sniff, Sniff….Helllllllloooooo

October 29, 2009By KarenEtsy Shop, Life with Fibers, New Items

New item alert! New item alert! Woot. Woot. Woot. Drop somebody an overdue “Hello” on some cool miniature note cards. These come in a set of 5 blank cards with matching envelopes. People would love to hear from you in a format that’s more personal and doesn’t include the words “tweet” or “thread”. Dogs say … Read More

Elephants on Parade

August 26, 2009By KarenLife with Fibers, New Items

Here they come…Hippety hoppety…but they’re not pink! A new blank greeting card design hit the shop today with more on the way. Joining them are, for the first time, topiary mobiles with bugs suspended from them. Head on over there to take a peek!

Greetings, Little Doggie

November 9, 2008By KarenLife with Fibers, New Items

We love paper. Always have. So we are adding blank greeting cards to the shop soon. These little babies have real fabric on them! There will be kitty and monkey cards to, but here’s a sneak peak of the doggie cards: Working on these cards has helped distract us here at Life with Tigers HQ, … Read More

Stuff to hold your stuff

December 24, 2007By KarenLife with Fibers

Here is a zipper pouch made from wool and cotton with some charming lining. These are fun to make, so you’ll probably see some more in the near future. Not tonight, however, because it’s Christmas Eve and there’s fresh pie waiting! Yes, of course with ice cream. Silly.