This WeeBot is a love machine!

July 30, 2013By KarenLife with Fibers, Plush Dolls, Special Orders

Here is a recently finished, special edition WeeBot. He is fresh off the production line, specially made for a “fresh off the production line human baby bot” named Gus. When Gus is old enough to recognize letters, he will discover his own initials programmed onto this guys control panel!

A new litter has arrived

March 3, 2011By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items, Plush Dolls, Special Orders

Hooray! A litter of 6 new dolls has been added to the Life with Tigers Etsy Shop this week. Like apples? Chickens? Plaid? Chickens? Flowers? Chickens???? Then come on over and check them out, or you can take a peek at them here as Ashes, our art director, sets up a promotional photo: There are … Read More

Have you seen this cat?

July 10, 2010By KarenPlush Dolls, Special Orders

If anybody happens to see Oliver, the tuxedo cat anywhere, let us know…Rob and Annette in NY are looking for him. Until he comes back, they will have to settle for an Oliver doll, custom made for them with the highest hopes for Ollie’s safe return!

Fresh off the assembly line!

September 8, 2009By KarenNew Items, Plush Dolls

Meet Cosmo, Tweak and Blip. They are the first of the new “Softbot Series” of dolls developed here at LwithT HQ. They can be programmed to guard your remote control, monitor the ice cream levels of the refrigerator or simply keep you company. Best of all, they do so in “quiet” mode…which is great…because nobody … Read More

I, SoftBot

February 11, 2009By KarenFlying the Geek Flag High, Plush Dolls, Worky McWorkalot

Between another sickness and projects involving metal and tools, the sewing machine has been pretty silent around the LwithT studio. But there is always room in our hearts for both metal AND fabric, so the SoftBot was created to bridge the gap. He’s a prototype for future robots that will hopefully make their way to … Read More

Here kitty, kitty

January 15, 2009By KarenEtsy Shop, New Items, Plush Dolls

Cats rule! Dogs drool! No, not really, but 4 new cats have made their way into the Etsy shop! There will be an update soon for more severed leg cat toys too! That’s almost as cool as a nap in the fresh laundry pile.