Crafternoon Number Two: Autumn Craft Smackdown!

October 3, 2013By KarenBrooklyn, Graphic Depictions of Crafting, Life with Tigers HQ, Worky McWorkalot

With memories of last year’s mega successful Christmas Craft Smackdown! floating through my head, I rearranged the tables again this past weekend and invited some folks over for Crafternoon Number Two: The Autumn Craft Smackdown. This time around, the theme was “Puppets and Marionettes”. Some of us really enjoy puppet theatre and always wanted to … Read More

I, SoftBot

February 11, 2009By KarenFlying the Geek Flag High, Plush Dolls, Worky McWorkalot

Between another sickness and projects involving metal and tools, the sewing machine has been pretty silent around the LwithT studio. But there is always room in our hearts for both metal AND fabric, so the SoftBot was created to bridge the gap. He’s a prototype for future robots that will hopefully make their way to … Read More

Robot Love

November 3, 2008By KarenFlying the Geek Flag High, Worky McWorkalot

Who is this handsome fellow? He’s the newest creation around the studio these days. See, we here at Life with Tigers HQ are big fans of robots, and we wanted one of our own. He lives in a diorama with it’s own lighting system in a dark corner, which makes him look like he’s performing … Read More