One could not ask for better weather last Saturday at the Bust Magazine Craftacular! The crowds were thick, the dogs were plentiful and the view of the long lines outide the Mamu Thai Noodle Truck kept us entertained (and thanks for the complimentary Thai Iced Tea, it was delicious!)

A customer asked, after a first hand account of her cat’s love for her Severed Leg Catnip Toy, if I ever got tired of hearing these stories. Absolutely not! In fact, after about 6 other vendors came to me with similar, ahem, product reviews, I realized I had become the “cat leg lady”. But that is all fine with me, so keep the stories coming. In fact, here is one satisfied customer, Max. He’s a ragdoll who lives in Brooklyn. It looks like he’s daring you with those lovely blues to TRY to touch his toy. I think I’d steer clear of the mighty Max!

Photo by Yana