Want a Severed Leg Catnip Toy for your kitty this Valentine’s Day? Don’t wanna pay for it? Well, cheapskate (er, I mean, beloved reader), here is your chance to give your tiny tiger the gift of carnage next week for nothing more than a minute of your time. Mosey on over to the uber-cool blog I Have Cat and leave a comment on the “A Valentine for Kitty (Giveaway)” post for your chance to win a severed leg of your very own (well, your cat’s very own). There are THREE up for grabs, so enter now before your cat finds out you put it off and you end up giving her a lame box of drug store chocolates, which she can’t eat anyway. She WILL get even, trust me on this. Oh, yes, I know……

Tamar has a good thing going on over there at I Have Cat AND on her Facebook page (holy crap! 11,333 fans!!!), so I suggest you add these to your RSS feeds, friends lists or whatever else you utilize to get your kitty fixes! Before you jump on over there and catch up on the adventures of Petie, Kip and Haddie, enjoy this moment of zen, provided by I Have Cat regular contributor, Haddie:

But wait a minute, that’s not all! Our sister shop Ink and Sword, where we sell a boat load of Pet Care Public Service Announcements in oodles of sizes, is in on the fun too! Until the end of February, everything in the shop is 20% off if you use the coupon code IHAVECAT at check out!

And just in case you are wondering where the name I Have Cat came from, please read here…it’s so funny…and so true. It is a rallying cry. I just wish I could master the cat-hair-free-clothes part.