When Life with Tigers began many years ago, the phrase “Handmade in Brooklyn” was always present on our packaging, from the hangtags on the dolls to the inserts on the cards, all the way to the instructions on the Severed Leg Catnip Toys on how to clean the tiger slobber off the fabric after enthusiastic tiger attention. Always there, it was a declaration. Handmade = awesome. Brooklyn = mega awesome. Put them together, and you got something special. But times are changing, and so must we, and our biggest change has just happened!

Life with Tigers has island-hopped. After 15 years in Brooklyn, we have set up shop in Manhattan. Moving between the boroughs of New York City is like moving to another country. It’s not technically far, but it’s REALLY far away if you ask my Brooklyn friends. They understand, of course, but a 40 minute ride on the G train to get 3 miles seems closer than a 28 minute ride on the express train to get 13 miles when it means that no body of water has been crossed. But they also agree about how expensive Brooklyn has become in the past few years. So the LwT feline staff has picked up their kitty caves, squishy pillows and food bowls and happily migrated to new digs. Thankfully, they like it very much!

Since we are talking about change, if you are reading this, then you noticed that the new website is up! We’d been wanting to upgrade for a while, but it took some serious issues with our web host to inspire the change. Goodbye forever, old server. Please pardon our dust as we relink wayward photos and fix wierdness for the next week or so.