In fact, the Bust Magazine Holiday Craftacular went pretty well. The severed leg cat toys sold out, and the response to the mushroom topiaries was very complimentary. I am so grateful to all who stopped by with kind words of encouragement. I’ve received a few e-mails too from you guys, so thanks to everyone…I enjoyed meeting all of you!!!

Since I’ve never had a table at a craft show before, I must say that the speed in which people set up was amazing. The only unhappiness that occurred was the HUGE pillar that sucked up half of the space behind the table, causing much inconvenience and Matrix-style maneuvering. Here is how the Life {with Tigers} table ended up, pillar and all:

The LwithT table was shared with Jed Dore of Colorswirl, who created these amazing art boxes. These belong in a gallery, really. He will have his shop up and running soon where these and other works will be available for purchase. I hope he sells prints of the Red Riding Hood image on his postcards. If you got one of those, you are so lucky!

Oh, and THANKS to Softies Central for featuring a topiary in their post on December 15th! I check in with them quite often and was giddy when I saw something familiar!