Here we are, less than 3 days to the Bust Magazine Holiday Craftacular and I’ve been a busy bee here sewing up all kinds of goodies. Our booth number will be #32, by the way (towards the right hand side wall when you finally get into the main floor area). There was some concern that we had not received any information from Bust in a while, then we discovered that, for some reason, any mail from Bust Magazine doesn’t get delivered to me…even though I have no junk mail filters set up. “Some email servers think we’re porn” says Susan, the event coordinator. Nice.

Then, it happened:

This photo on the right is not a fine art piece…this is the ceiling, dripping it’s ass water onto where 4 weeks worth of sewing had been stored!!! Now, anybody who knows me knows I have a tempermental roof, but why did this have to happen now? Usually a call to the landlord will result in it being “fixed”, as in a little old man with a bucket of tar and a mop shows up a few days later and sloshes the stuff around the neighbors roof instead of mine. Thankfully, the dreaded drip drip was heard before it could do any real damage…I only lost a few gift boxes to the toxic sludge.