No more packing, no more flying, driving or repacking. The holiday season is over, and Life with Tigers has come though with only minor scratches. Here’s a quick recap of the last two weeks:

It all started at the Bust Magazine Holiday Craftacular here in NYC. LwT shared a booth once again with our friend Jed at Ink and Sword, and I think we did an excellent job of cramming two tons of excellent merchandise into 8 feet of space. The rains came and threatened to sweep away the shoppers, but they persevered. Met some wonderful people, like Sarah at Mountain Ash Design and Tamar at

After the Craftacular, I kicked it into high gear for the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco the very next weekend. This was my first attempt at doing bi-coastal fairs back to back but I must say, it all went along pretty smoothly. We had a much larger booth space with two tables, and even though the heavy rains followed us to Cali, we managed to avoid getting rained on indoors when the water started to come through the roof.

That’s me, a flurry of activity setting up on day two. That is not an action shot however, I always look that blurry.

Here I am adjusting my high-tech foam core topiary display stand. Not much to look at, but it packs up light as a feather! Just behind me is the booth maned by Sally at Birdy Botanicals. I must proclaim that the Grapefruit and Lemongrass Antioxidant Lotion is excellent. I now look for reasons to smell my hands regularly.

To everybody who told me they looked for my booth this year just to pick up a severed leg catnip toy for kitty’s stocking, a big THANK YOU. You really made my weekend! And so did this little fellow:

This is a fluffy doggie buddy who enjoyed his new severed leg catnip toy. We don’t discriminate here at Life with Tigers…dogs are welcome to enjoy plushy carnage as well!

Life with Tigers (meaning me) then took a mini-vacation in California to visit family, and managed to roll back into New York City on Christmas Eve, just a day before the big blizzard forced everybody to stay indoors and play new video games and eat those delightful little rumballs and whiskey-filled chocolates that their moms sent them home with. Lots more to update you on, so stay tuned!