Part of the LwT staff is super excited about this coming weekend! It’s the first annual Renegade Craft Fair in London, England, and Life with Tigers will be sharing a booth with Ink and Sword at The Old Truman Brewery on October 8+9th. An international cast of characters will be there with us, featuring artisans from around the globe! Free stuff to do, awesome goodies to peruse, severed legs to sell and super expensive treats to enjoy! Sign me up!

And no matter what anybody says, I WILL be eating fish and chips. I realize that there is more to culinary England than battered fish, but imagine coming to New York City and not eating a slice of pizza, or going to Paris and not eating crepes, or going to McDonaldland and not eating a McNuggles or whatever they have there…you must do it, do it all the way, do it proud, and blog about it later.

The other part of the staff is not so pleased. As much as I’d like to take the “Tiger” parts of LwT across the waters, they will be staying stateside, free to engage in all manner of forbidden activities while the management is away. Believe me, there will me supervision, but you know how kids behave when the substitute teacher shows up. Intern Moo has already begun sleeping in places previously considered off-limits, and Ash has taken up residence in my sock drawer. Shadow has claimed the luggage. In a lame attempt to make myself feel better about missing out on a few days of hardcore cuddles (and believe me, they’ve been very hardcore due to a significant change in the weather pattern to the colder side), “operation overfeed” has already begun. Don’t worry kittens, cuddles will resume on their normal schedule before you know it!