Lotus Bleu at 325 Hayes Street in San Francisco

It’s officially Cyber Monday, but it’s more fun to get out there and find the perfect gifts if you are thinking of buying handmade this year! There will be plenty of fairs coming up in the next few weeks including the Bust Magazine Craftacular & Food Fair and the Degenerate Craft Fair, both of which I will be vending at here in New York City. One of my favorite upcoming handmade events, the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco, is coming up soon too.

Sadly, I could not attend Renegade in San Francisco this holiday season due to a nagging injury, but that doesn’t mean that the city by the bay will be mushroom topiary-less! Hop on over to Lotus Bleu Home Decor Boutique on Hayes Street and see a lovely collection of handmade goods, including our own Fabric Mushroom Topiaries. Can’t make it over there to pick one up? Stop by my booth this weekend at the Bust Craftacular in Soho or buy one the “new fashioned way” and embrace Cyber Monday at my Etsy shop!