I was concerned that I was turning the corner into serious geekdom last year when I opted out of my AT&T iPhone contract to get my hands on the Droid R2-D2 phone (this IS the droid I’m looking for). Even more so when I realized I know what a Browncoat is (gratuitous Firefly reference). But today, I am coming out of the closet to announce to the whole world that I will be participating in something quite geektastic, in public, for all to see.
I am going to New York Comic Con. Not just going there, speaking there. As in, with a microphone. And not a crazy person with a Mr. Microphone standing outside dressed in a tin foil slave Leia-esque bikini, telling everybody that I am really a cylon (gratuitous Battlestar Galactica reference), but as an invited, semi-respectable-guest-type person.

I will be participating in a panel discussion moderated by the “Queen of Spleens” Wendy Bryan of I Heart Guts entitled “Indie Toymaker Roundtable: Turning Characters Into Toys” on Friday, October 14th at 8:45pm. There are going to be some amazing creatives up there with me, including Shawn Smith of Shawnimals, Joshua Ben Longo of Longoland, maker of fine plushables Phil Barbato, plus the director of merchandising from KidRobot and a rep from custom toy maker Happy Worker. There will be severed legs on hand, of course.

And it is of course worth mentioning that there will be big stars there (well, at least in MY ‘verse), including Frank Miller, Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Stan Lee, Herbert Jefferson Jr (the original Boomer from the Battlestar Galactica of my childhood), Kaylee from Firefly, Cally from the new Battlestar Galactica, Lou Freakin’ Ferrigno and the cherry on top, Marc Hamill, the ACTUAL Luke Skywalker, who by the way, has graciously scheduled his panel RIGHT BEFORE OURS. Coincidence? I think not..such a sweetheart to “open” for us. 😉