Ever have one of those days…you know…where everything is going your way, and you feel a bit strange because of it. You know in the back of your brain “nothing this good happens to me” and you become a bit suspicious of your sudden good fortune. Well, I had that feeling this past weekend. Because of my interview with LA Weekly, Life with Tigers experienced quite an upward shift in orders this weekend (everything is in the mail, folks!). While packaging orders, sewing more catnip toys, fighting off the toe pouncings of Moo the Intern and answering emails from a lot of great folks, I began to have that feeling…”this is good. Almost too good…”

Then it happened. The neighbor broke my window…with a couch.

Somebody thought it was a good idea to hoist a couch up 4 flights of stairs with nothing more than a single rope. Needless to say, couches rotate and sway when they are hoisted up into the air by a single line. Ugh. I knew I should have listened to my brain…it was going too well.

Anyway, thanks to all who ordered this weekend! I know there is gonna be some happy cats in Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, Melbourne, Iowa, Belgium, Georgia, Nova Scotia, Florida, Washington, New Jersey, Missouri and Los Angeles!